CoReNet project addresses the design, production and distribution  of small series of healthy fashionable goods for specific target groups of wide impact in terms of market for the European industry as elderly, disables, diabetics and obese people.

CoReNet will do this supporting the whole value chain to:

  • get and manage consumer data to know their needs,
  • involve consumer into design and product configuration phases,
  • exchange consumer data through adequate data models and secure systems,
  • manage the collaboration with suppliers in order to plan and distribute on time,
  • implement innovative manufacturing machines in particular for Digital Printing and Laser Engraving,
  • delivering the product to the final customer,
  • monitoring the quality and sustainability of products.

The CoReNet approach is based on a new holistic framework, meant as a set of methods, tools and technologies for sustainable small series industrial value creation of health fashionable goods.

Specific addressed consumer-oriented market segments will be footwear and accessories, textile and garments with major focus on differentiated consumer-centered products in order to guarantee not only aesthetic requirements but also comfort, health, well being and to provide new functionalities to the consumer with a sustainable approach to production and consumption.

Such market needs have been identified by the stakeholders of the European Technology Platform on Footwear Products and Processes and of the European Technology Platform for the Future of Textile and Clothing as core pulling segments for innovation and are taken into consideration in the development of this proposal

To achieve the above objectives a strong SME driven consortium has been set up, including major research centers active in the addressed sectors and highly innovation oriented SMEs along the considered value chains.